5 Income Tax Preparation Tips

Its income tax time again! It’s when Uncle Same wants to know how much money you earned and how much income tax you owe him. We all want to pay less income tax each year. Instead of looking for tax loopholes and grey area deductions, at J.M. Trippon & Company CPA’s we specialize on tax planning to not only save you money on this year’s taxes, but also focus on the years ahead to reduce tax liability for the future. Here are five basic tips that we have used to save our clients millions of dollars over the last 25 years in processing over 10,000 income tax returns.

Travel Expenses
The key to deducting the most from mileage on your income tax return is keeping complete and accurate logs of your travel expenses. Travel expenses can include airfare/transportation expenses, conference/trade show/seminar attendance fees, hotels/rent-a-car expenses, and parking fees. Consulting with an Income Tax Preparation Expert about your vehicle deductions is a wise choice. There are additional deductions available that only a qualified tax accountant would know.
One travel expense that most people do not know about is the travel expenses for those who have two different employers. You may deduct the traveling expense from the first job to the second job. However, if you have a single employer, you cannot deduct the travel cost to and from you home and place of business.

Medical Expenses
Keep all of your medical expense receipts and statements which are not covered by your medical insurance. You will need a copy of all out-of-pocket medical expenses in order to qualify for the deduction. The amount of deduction is highly dependent on your income. You will need to discuss this with your Trippon CPA Tax Account. There are certain medical/dental insurance premiums that are deductible which your income tax specialist can determine.

Entertainment Expenses
This is an IRS red flag and needs to be carefully reviewed by your Trippon CPA Income Tax Preparation Specialist. In March 2002, new legislation was passed that prohibited entertainment expense deductions for personal use. Usual and customer business related meals and entertainment can be deducted up to 50% of the receipt. You will want to review all entertainment expenses with J.M. Trippon & Company CPA’s to make sure you reduce any potential tax liability.

Tax Records
Keeping accurate and complete income tax preparation records will make your life so much easier. Keeping accurate tax records will reduce your cost in income tax preparation, and make you prepared in the event of an IRS audit or IRS tax dispute. Be aware that you are legally required to keep your tax records for three years following the filing date. 5.

The deadline for federal income tax preparation is April 15th. You much have your federal income tax return postmarked by April 15th. By filing your federal income tax return prior to the deadline, you will avoid penalties and interests from the IRS.
You may file for a filing extension. If you are in need of additional time for income tax preparation, you can file for an extension. There are regulations on who can file for an extension, so you will want to consult with your Trippon CPA Income Tax Preparation Specialist to make sure filing an extension is right your income tax situation.

Traveling With Your Bird – Some Tips From Folks Who Travel With Their Bird Every Day.

Before we get into specifics, let’s start with the basics. Emergencies aside, if you’re planning to travel with your bird, get the travel cage a few weeks in advance. This will give your bird time to get accustomed to the new cage. Also measure – measure – measure. Make sure it will fit in where ever it will be going car, travel trailer, family vehicle, motor home, commercial airliner, vacation cottage – just make sure it fits.

We don’t have a flock, we have one small Indian Ringneck – Sunshine. Sunshine is 17. Catherine acquired him as a baby. He loves being with mom. We know about traveling with a bird. At home he has a 30 x 30 California cage (1), a large playstand (2) in the dining room and another playstand (3) in the kitchen. Every work day Sunshine climbs into his custom, 18 inch long carrier (4) and comes to work with us.

We open the carrier, he climbs up his Booda perch in to his 26 x 20 HQ cage (5) and finishes breakfast. Afterwards he’ll walk back out via the Booda perch onto his King’s acrylic playstand (6). When he gets bored he fly’s onto his Prevue playstand (7) or his Prevue 20 x 20 wire cage (8) where he’ll stand so he can watch mom oversee the shipping of packages to our customers.

We spend many of our summer weekends at a campground. When we get there he usually goes right into his 18 x 18 (9) Prevue cage. We modified our small travel trailer so the cage fits nicely into a closet where we removed the top of the door and provided a gentle light. When we’re outside the trailer, we have a large canopy/tent where Sunshine spends time in his 32 x 21 HQ aviary (10) under the canvas. He always has one side of his cage against a wall for his own privacy.

If you’ve been following my notes, you’ll see our little 3 ounce bird has 10 cages and stands. We’ve never had a problem getting him into a new cage because 1) we don’t make of an issue of it and 2) he’s happy just to be with us.

A travel cage can be metal, fabric or plastic like – rigid or collapsible. Because it’s a travel cage only makes it slightly different than his home cage. If it’s metal, bar spacing should be appropriate. If it’s fabric, the fabric should be durable enough and well designed to discourage chewing. Clear plastic cages allow for great vision but may be confining for extended travel periods. It may only have one perch instead of three or four. Make sure it’s comfortable on the feet. Stopping and starting in traffic should not cause your bird discomfort. A couple of small toys should be introduced to keep birdie boredom down. If you’re traveling by auto, keep the bird in the back seat away from airbags in case of “god-forbids.” Keep it strapped with a seatbelt to avoid sudden movement.

If your driving at night, cover the cage, the intermittent glare of auto lights can be scary, especially if its after bed time. If you’re taking a road tip stopping at motels, find a place to put the travel cage where you bird can sleep with as little disturbance as possible through the night. We usually find the bath room counter to be the best spot, it’s out of the way and once the cage is covered, affords privacy. In terms of temperature, it’s simple – if your comfortable, your bird is comfortable. No hot cars with the window cracked or in front of air conditioners in hotel rooms.

If traveling for the first time, we suggest a few trial runs before the big trip. Go to a friends, the vet or even just a ride, the bird gets accustomed to the procedure, travel process and change in general. If you let the bird out of the travel cage while in the vehicle don’t forget to put him back before any passengers open the door. Some birds don’t like to poop in their travel cage. This is a judgment call. Choose carefully where you’ll let them out to poop. You also may want to check out the nearest avian vet to your destination, before you get there – just so you have the info.

Remember. birds in the wild are natural travelers. Larger birds will fly 50 or miles per day seeking food. Many migrate thousands of miles twice annually. It’s usually less of an issue for the bird than for you. Lastly, we know you love showing off your bird. Unknown places would not be the time to do it. Unscrupulous people may have ulterior motives. While traveling with your bird it’s no ones business but your own.Have a great trip

Travel in Style – 5 Tips to Buying the Best Designer Label Replica Travel Bags

You have saved a very long time for that beautiful holiday overseas and you are now all ready but for one small detail: you do not have a great looking travel bag. How about acquiring some superb Louis Vuitton replica handbags or Balenciaga replica handbags for this formidable trip of yours? Does this idea appeal to you? Here are five simple tips that would get you the best available copies shipped right to your doorstep: 1. Research for the right company on the Net: Fortunately, for the internet you do not need to step out of your home for shopping anything at all. You need to take your time here. Pay attention to all the details that each website offers about payment and shipping of the consignment. Also be careful about their refund policy. This is very important for you might be disappointed with what you get in your hands and there should be a clear-cut instructions and easy-to-follow method to get your money back in the event you are not delighted with your purchase. 2. Compare prices and ensure you are getting the best available price tag while it is important that you get your bag at the lowest possible cost, it is also important that to know that what you pay is what you get. Do not always go for the lowest possible bid. Sometimes, that particular bid is low because the quality is compromised. Check from the reviews of other customers about the quality of the products and the satisfaction or rating the website has received from the customers. 3. Establish contact – call them up. Ensure you know someone on that site with whom you could follow-up your order and get clarifications in case you need them. Get a name, an email id to start a correspondence chain about the product(s) you are willing to buy and ensure that you are fully satisfied before you place that order. 4. Ask for the best deal: Do not feel shy to negotiate for the best deal. Are there any seasonal discounts? What if you buy two to three pieces at the same time? What if you refer friends to the website, do they have a referral program? Ask them what are the terms and conditions that offer the best possible deal so you could avail it. 5. Check out your choices: Before you put in your order, look out for different choices. Do not stick to a particular brand or design. Check out the whole website and look carefully at each product they have to offer; in most cases you will like more than one. It is also possible that you would settle for another design and even label from what you started with for there are so many lovely designs you would have not seen before. If you are careful and give it enough time, you could get some superb deals and also have the most beautiful travel bags ever. This would add much to your happiness while taking that well deserved vacation you planned.

Holiday Travel Around the Globe by Magellan’s Route – Travel Tips, Travel Magazine

There are some thinks what peoples usually want to do and also many what they don’t, but from such reasons they are forced to do. It is just a way of living. But all of you will agree that it’s only few thinks on the planet that all the peoples are willing to, any time everywhere. One of them is Holiday Travel. Traveling for fun and relaxation, does not matter of the destination, cause in present days, traveling guide sites provide answers within a minute. Just because we are here to make a virtual tour traveling to approach the moment of satisfaction on the journey of all who visit this site. Travelogue and virtual or real stories are from long ago. Try to remember the “Around the world in 80 days”, the famous book of Jules Verne. Our virtual tour of holiday travel will be related to the real places what we will try to present you. So, please fast the seat belt and get ready to enjoy. We will start from Portugal because of the reason that from this place in XV century Fernando Magellan Portuguese navigator start his trip around the world. Honestly it was not really holiday travel trip but pure challenge. Portugal, westernmost country of Europe located In Iberian peninsula and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. His capital Lisbon or so called white site, try to find out why. There are several reasons to make Holiday Travel in Portugal, Architecture, Cinema, Gastronomy, Music, Painting and Sport. Try to explore some of them and your dreams will become truth. It is on your own and we are continuing further as the Magellan did before few centuries ago. Ads by Google Next destination South America Brazil, one of the hottest destinations for holiday travel today. Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana, Ipanema one of the most know beaches on the planet. Homeland of Coffee, Sugar cane, Carnivals and Football. Having holiday travel in this country is more than event. Going on the south as Magellan did, next visit of our holiday travel is Argentina. Big country, with rich history. Country is known for music, Argentineans tango myth or reality. Argentineans food, wide variety of Indigenous and Criolo creations, which include empanadas,locro (a mixture of corn, beans, meat, bacon, onion, and gourd), the latter considered Argentina’s national beverage. Why don’t you taste it. Football here is way of living. Next step is to jump over the pacific, big challenge even for today’s traveler. If you take ticket on some modern cruiser than your will be in better position then seaman from XV century.. Next destination is Manila Philippines.. Country of volcanoes’ and lakes. You can see Spanish and Chinese influence everywhere. There is interesting architecture all across Manila, serving as evidence to its multicultural past. If you spend your holiday travel here, don’t miss to pay attention to the Echanted Kingdom,, Divisioria Market, Nayong Filipino cultural park, Chinese cemetery, Splash island and many others. Magellan finishes his history travel here, but the rest of the crew has continue further. Next destination what we will recommend is India. It is very difficult to mention what the ordinary travel might expect if he pass his holiday travel in India. India is quiet different story. It’s story by itself and has nothing common with the others. Country of contras, country where extreme poverty and extreme wealth live a few meters distance. We will have courage just to mention some of them. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Himalaya, Golden temple, India gate. You have to have several holidays trips in this country if you like to fill a small portion of the traveling potential of this country. To have holiday travel in India as first you need to prepare yourself. Next continent to visit is Africa so called black continent, and South African Republic as first target point, often informally known as the Transvaal Republic. Country of diamonds, ecotourism and world FIFA 2010. Beautiful climate allows a very large number of national parks. There is cape Good Hope, which is dividing point between Atlantic and Indian Ocean. And at the end of this virtual trip we will get back to the starting point. Try to imagine holiday travel cruise starting from South Africa and ending at Portugal. You will travel close to Ghana, Ivory coast, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo… etc. Finally we are back to the starting point but approaching from the east side and with one day additional in our travel diary.

Relationship Travel Tips: 5 simple ways to avoid upsets!

This article was inspired by many of my own personal traveling discoveries and by the many complaints my clients have shared with me after their traveling journeys. I coach couples to be sure they get to know each other as a traveling couple and discuss all the details with each other before they leave for their destination. I teach them how to communicate with each other each day, so each listens with an open ear and open heart, avoiding upsetting or hurting each other. Many couples I see do not know how to communicate their wants and needs, nor listen in an effective way. I help them AND I can help you to master these essential skills and to become a successful traveling couple as well. Here are just a few suggestions to begin that process:

1. Get to know each other’s basic needs. You first have to do your own personal inventory to find out what you need to act pleasant and be happy while traveling. Then you can share this with your partner so she/he can understand you better and to avoid later upset. I know from years of traveling by myself that I need a half hour to an hour nap each afternoon if I am going to last all night. I also know I need to eat every 2 to 3 hours (I experience low blood sugar if I don’t eat regularly). My sweetheart knows this about me because I have told him (and he has experienced me when I haven’t taken care of myself, and that’s not too pretty!). It is also my responsibility to take care of my own needs, so I bring water and snacks with me wherever I go, and communicate lovingly when I am getting close to crashing and need some personal time to take care of myself. I have found when I don’t take care of myself I get irritable and less patient (this can be the beginning of a disaster and much upset!).

2. Sit down together each day to plan and discuss the next day, at least the night before- to assure each person knows the activities, itinerary, departure times etc. This is a good opportunity to honestly discuss what you may like to do and not like to do, a time to decide on an earlier or later time depending on how you are both feeling. Planning and discussing the details helps you avoid misunderstandings or disappointments later. Also make sure each person makes commitments to time schedules so that there are no upsets later. Synchronize your watches. Also, communicate about flexibility and time to have personal space away from each other. Many of us need time away from our partner to gain our own personal energy, miss them and regenerate our love. I found on my latest trip that my sweetheart and I really benefited by exercising separately from each other and then meeting up later for breakfast. We also took naps at different times and did some separate activities. Since we communicated each day about what we needed and wanted to do, we flowed well together and then were excited to share our experiences when we were back together.

3. Continually check-in with each other throughout the day. Be aware of each other’s body language. If you see your partner avoiding eye contact or not wanting to talk or connect with you, you may want to ask her/him what she/he may be feeling or thinking. Catching upsets early and discussing them, helps avoid big upsets later. I teach my clients specific communication techniques to make this process more successful.

4. Communicate openly and honestly. Be careful to tell each other all the details. On a past trip to Vegas, my sweetheart and I got into a bit of an upset. He underestimated how far it was to walk to The Bellagio hotel from NY NY hotel. It wouldn’t have been a problem if it was daytime and I was in shorts and tennis shoes, but I was in long white pants and 4 inch heals (he said it was a block). It turned out in my estimation to be about 10-15 LONG blocks! First I was upset because my feet hurt, secondly I was upset because he mistakenly did not tell me the whole truth, thirdly I was upset because he reacted to me like it was not Ok that I was complaining, fourth because he did not immediately apologize for misrepresenting the truth and have sympathy for my feet hurting (he did apologize to my satisfaction later after much discussion of my upset and needs).

5. Learn from your mistakes while traveling and each take responsibility for your part so you can mature and grow. Use each mis-take, upset and or discussion as an opportunity to know yourself and your partner better. I coach people each day to become more aware of their own behavior and reactions so they can learn and grow.

Traveling brings out the best and sometimes the worst in us due to situations we sometimes cannot control or prepare for. Every time I travel with my partner I learn something new about him and a lot more about myself. Use this opportunity to explore your intimacy and commitment from a different perspective and depth.

During your travels you can follow these simple tips outlined above for instant results. When you need additional more advanced support and help please contact me for some coaching sessions (310) 202-1610. I would be happy to assist you.

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the life and relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before: Give me a call or contact me so I can support you (and your relationships) in having the best life you’ve ever had!

There Should Be Consideration Of International Travel Tips While Travelling Abroad

Same life is not led by everyone and so the reasons many vary from person to person. Travelling is an activity of which various persons are fond. There may be domestic or may be international travelling.

Domestic travelling is generally preferred by the common man as International trips every year are not affordable by them. Travelling within the country limits is called domestic travelling whereas travelling beyond that is considered as international travelling and is also known as travelling abroad.

There is preference of rich people to always have an international trip and to various places in the world. This place may be outside the country limits in any part. International travel tips would be availed by his relatives about different things whenever a person may be travelling abroad and it would be before the trip.

Carrying medicines, proper warm clothes if it is in the winter season would be one of those. When they list it and this seems to be a lecture but we realize that these tips were very useful when we face it but we still don’t pay attention to them. Various methods are there with the help of which we can know about the different places abroad as also their characteristics and their specialties along with the hot spots which are present there.

We are provided with the information by the various world travel guides. A certain place travel doubts can be solved with the help of travel guides. There is availability of all forms of world travel guides. The required International travel tips as well as the various other doubts we have regarding travelling can be solved by these books, various travel sites, travel counselors etc.
A person becomes very much excited whenever he hears of travelling abroad and his doubts can be cleared only by the world travel guides like books, internet or experienced people that can help him.
We considered it to be silliness out of anxiousness to know and learn new things by taking information from a person who does not know anything.

The main issue is the buying of foreign currency by converting the local currency as the currencies of local might not be spent in the foreign nations as air fare is not an issue but International travelling consumes a lot of our income. Constant tips of medication are given by guides. International travel tips should always be taken from a person who is well experienced in this field and this should be always remembered.

Travel TIPS on How to Get to Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island is a real Caribbean paradise that delivers a lot of attractions and amenities and a lot of of the hotels in Venezuela. It’s a well-known destination for international travelers together with local Venezuelans. The island is much less than 20 miles from the mainland, but over a hundred miles from Caracas. It lies in a rather isolated patch of the clear blue Caribbean Sea and can seem like an unlikely destination. But Margarita Island may be easy reaches and here are some of the ways you do this.

Step 1

Fly to Margarita Island’s airport, Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe Santiago Marino. It has direct service to and from numerous large European cites and also Toronto, Miami, New York and Montreal.

Step 2

In case you have booked your hotel in Venezuela in Caracas you may have at your disposal direct flights to Margarita Island. Flights from Caracas are affordable and heavily discounted during the week, since the island is a preferred weekend destination for city folk.

Step 3

In case you already stayed in Venezuela hotels you may take the ferry to Margarita Island. The principal ferry departure points for Margarita Island are Puerta la Cruz and Cumana, the two of which are a couple of hours east of Caracas on the northern coast of Venezuela. Buses make the trip between cities in 5 to eight hours as well as the ferry normally requires two to four hours, depending on whether you take the newer, fast boats or the older, slow ones. An express ferry from La Guiara, just outside of Caracas, makes the entire trip in five hours on the weekends.

Step 4

Sail to Margarita Island if you’re not afraid of independent travel. Charter sailboats from the nearby islands of Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago can make the trip in a day or less, as well as the Islands are usually visited by sailboats that cruise the whole Caribbean. Numerous sailboats heading to the island from port cities like Miami or Panama City will take travelers along for a fee.